This is my second adventure into studying online, the first was an internal organised course for staff who wanted to get a feel of an online course. It was on a platform called Web CT and I found the discussion forum’s very hard to keep up with. I hope that I can keep my attention and desire to be able to cope / manage this one. Although after the amount of emails received over the last week (mapped into a folder on Outlook) I started to think maybe too much discussion would be the negative side to this MOOC.

After reflecting on this over the weekend I have decided to put my thoughts into this blog and will hopefully update this as we progress with the study. I think it will be difficult to make all the online classes but I hope we will get a link to the recordings. We use Wednesday afternoons for staff development at this time of year and I will be doing sessions on Social Media and the uses of them in classrooms, along with other online technologies that can help develop materials for use online.

Hopefully I will add to this soon and I hope to be able to share with others via twitter. I have already read 3 peoples blogs this morning via the #ocTEL tag and hope to be able to discuss things using Twitter and reading Blogs (so far thanks to James Clay,Alice Shepherd and Gemma Holtam for there interesting thoughts)



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